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Shop Oronia Introduction

We give a warm appreciation to the customers using Shop Oronia.


Shop Oronia is leading the spread of health supplements and expanding our base by selecting and distributing Oronia products as well as excellent products under the belief that the health of customers is the prority.

Shop Oronia promises to be a leading company that contributes to improving the quality of life of our customers through good products, low prices, fast delivery and convenient shopping.

Authenticity guaranteed

All products handled by Shop Oronia are guaranteed to be 100% genuine.


If the item purchased on our site is a counterfeit, we will refund 100% of the purchase price.

We are a Canadian subsidiary and are supplied directly by leading Canadian manufacturers or only by distributors selected by the manufacturer.

Most Canadian manufacturers select large distributors or distributors with sufficient sales and product management capabilities to supply their products directly to them.

Shelf Life Guarantee

Shop Oronia does its best to manage the expiration date.


If you receive a short shelf life product, we will issue a refund and exchange.

The expiration date is often not well managed by manufacturers.

Therefore, we check the expiration date at the time of receipt from the manufacturer and return all short products.

We also periodically check the shelf life of our inventory.


In spite of our efforts, if there is any product with a short shelf life, we will promptly exchange and refund.

Excellent product selection

Shop Oronia is working tirelessly for customer satisfaction.

Your inquiries will be resolved as soon as possible through our customer service consultation by phone, posts, KakaoTalk, etc.

Company Address and Contact

#214B 4501 Noth Rd. Burnaby BC V3N 4R7 

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